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How did I get here?

You have been directed you to this page because your browser does not support accepted web standards. Read on in order to learn more about upgrading your browser.

What “web standards?”

The ones created by the World Wide Web Consortium – the people who invented the Web itself. The W3C created these standards so the Web would work better for everyone. New browsers, mainly, support these standards; old browsers, mainly, don’t.

What can I do?

You might consider upgrading your browser. Doing so will improve your web experience, enabling you to use and view sites as their creators intended.

The following browsers support numerous web standards including CSS, XHTML, and the DOM (a universal means of controlling the behavior of web pages):

In addition, the lightweight Opera browser offers excellent support for CSS and XHTML, though it does not as yet support the DOM.

Please note that this page does not pretend to be an exhaustive list of browsers that support web standards, nor a test of browser compliance, nor a side-by-side comparison of various manufacturers’ browsers.

If you are interested in web browsers and standards compliance, you may wish to join any of the following mailing lists or visit any of the following websites:

  • WebDesign-L is a forum for web designers and developers.
  • is a web developer community, and maintains several lists.
  • css-discuss is a forum for practical discussions of CSS and its use.
  • Digital Web is an online magazine intended for professional web designers.
  • A List Apart is a semi-weekly for all people who make websites.

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