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Latest Course:

  • Only Two Religions? Introduction to Worldview Evangelism
  • In Romans 1:25, the Apostle Paul says man worships either the creation or the Creator, which essentially means there are only two religions. Subsequently, this introductory worldview course presents the term “Oneism,” which is used for the worship of the creation and “Twoism,” which refers to the worship of the Divine Creator. Understanding this one small statement can help to equip Christians to uphold their biblical Christian faith in his or her cultural context. The course presents five principles that are present in all non-Christian thinking. Our goal is to help simplify your communication of the Gospel with “spiritual but not religious” individuals. Each lesson is followed by suggestions for further study.

We now have at total of 15 courses available for your study of the word of God:

  • Series - Doctrine of the Faith
    • Christology - The Doctrine of Christ
    • God's Sufficiency for Godly Living
    • Growing in the Grace of God
    • History and Authenticity of the Bible
    • Soteriology - The Doctrine of Salvation
    • The Attributes of God
    • History of Redemption
    • The Person and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Series - Exposition of the Scriptures
    • Matthew
    • Servant Leadership
    • Survey of the Bible 1 (Genesis-Song)
    • Survey of the Bible 2 (Isaiah - Malachi)
    • Survey of the Bible 3 (New Testament)
  • Series - Christian Life and Practice
    • Servant Leadership
  • Series - Apologetics and Cults
    • Only Two Religions? Introduction to Worldview Evangelism
    • Searching for the Truth on Origins

We trust these courses will be a benefit to you.

—The Blue Letter Bible team

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