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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I take classes at the Blue Letter Bible Institute?

We offer a course of study about the Christian faith that anyone can take. First, there are no fees for taking courses on the BLBi; registering and enrolling in courses is free to our users. As we encounter worthy materials, the Blue Letter Bible Institute will include those materials as a class. Reading the course text while listening to any included audio is a proven, efficient, and effective method of learning. Linking Scripture references to the Blue Letter Bible, will repeatedly bring God's word into your heart and mind in a structured way. The accompanying exams will let you know if you have mastered the material. Because you can interact, you will learn, retain, and remember more than most other methods of Bible study.

Secondly, upon successful completion of a course with a grade of 70.00% or higher, you can print a certificate from the Student Center.

Q2. What courses are currently available?

The structure of the series and courses changes from time to time. Please see Course Listings for the latest offerings.

Q3. Do you plan to teach any of the Biblical languages?

We are not currently planning to add Biblical languages.

Q4. Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes. You may take as many as you wish.

Q5. Is there a time limit to complete each class?

No. It is totally on your schedule.

Q6. Are the classes accredited?

No. Some institutions may give credit for classes taken.

Q7. What is the difference between Grade and Audit when registering for a course?

The audit option is designed for those students who are not concerned about their grade so much as learning the content for personal enrichment. They may still take the exams, and they will receive a grade on the exams, but the completed course may not be used to complete any academic program or transfer credit.

The grade option will allow the user to take the course for credit. The BLBi will eventually include a whole array of courses to equip the student in many facets of growing and learning. When this is complete, and the student has completed the requirements (for grade), he/she will be awarded with a certificate of completion. We are not seeking accreditation for any of our courses. These certificates of completion may be presented to the admissions department of a Bible college, which, on a case by case basis as they see fit, may grant course credit for work completed on BLBi.

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