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The Blue Letter Bible Institute library consists of the complete text (and some audio) for all courses offered. All course text is available in Adobe PDF format while audio files will be made available in MP3 format .

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Course Media
Counseling God's Way

    Entire Course PDF by Bob Hoekstra
             Introduction—The Lord as Counselor  
             The Lord as Counselor, Part 2  
             Counseling and Discipleship  
             Counseling and Sanctification  
             God’s Word in Counseling  
             The Holy Spirit in Counseling  
             Prayer in Counseling  
             Church Life in Counseling  
             Who Is to Do Counseling  
             Equipping for Counseling Ministry  
             Vital Issues for Counseling  
             Vital Issues  
             In Adam or in Christ  
             United with Christ  
             Walking According to the Flesh  
             Walking According to the Spirit  
             Who We Are in Christ  
             Renewing of the Mind  
             Spiritual Warfare  
             Victory in Spiritual Warfare  
             Forsaking Our Wonderful Counselor  
             Turning to Worldly Counsel  
             Counseling Session Guidelines  
             Questions and Final Exhortation  

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