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Servant Leadership
Series: III. Christian Life and Practice
Course: Servant Leadership
Instructor: Chuck Smith
Enroll for: Grade Audit

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“But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant” (Matthew 23:11). These words of Christ were exemplified in His life’s mission here on Earth. As Jesus addressed the multitudes and His disciples, He was setting the standard for all who would follow after Him throughout history. Today, in the twenty-first century, this biblical mandate remains unchanged; thus, every Christian is called by Christ to be a servant.

This course of study is composed of thirty-two lessons primarily taught and moderated by Chuck Smith. It also includes various guest speakers who represent untold decades of pastoral experience and insight. It is the intention of each instructor to accomplish the goal of leadership by, “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (cf. Ephesians 4:12). The course content defines essential elements of Christian maturity that range from personal brokenness and humility, to holiness and spiritual boldness. Every believer will benefit from studying the many aspects of servant leadership that are examined herein.

The course sessions are as follows:

  • Chuck Smith
    1. Characteristics of a Servant
    2. Requirements of Ministry
    3. Walking with God
    4. Spiritual Blessings
    5. Know Your Calling
    6. What Is Revival?
    7. Surviving Opposition from Within
    8. Abiding in Christ
    9. Keep a Pure Heart
    10. A Commitment to Holiness
  • Bob Hoekstra
    1. Leaders of the Church
    2. Leadership Issues
    3. Prayer and the Word
  • Jon Courson
    1. Self-Promotion in Ministry
    2. What Mattered to Our Master
  • Gayle Erwin
    1. Jesus, Part I
    2. Jesus, Part II
    3. Jesus, Part III
    4. Jesus, Part IV
  • Pancho Juarez
    1. Exhortation to Maturity, Part I
    2. Exhortation to Maturity, Part III
  • Damian Kyle
    1. Equipping, Edifying, Protecting
    2. The Joy of Servanthood
    3. Faithfulness
  • Skip Heitzig
    1. Our Identification with Christ
    2. Bitterness and Hatred
  • Brian Brodersen An Abiding Relationship with Christ
  • Joe Focht Mary and Martha
  • David Guzik Following Good Examples
  • Greg Laurie Encouragement for the Troubled Heart
  • Wayne Taylor The Supremacy of Love
  • Clark Van Wick The Suffering Servant
    1. Characteristics of a Servant by Chuck Smith
    2. Requirements of Ministry by Chuck Smith
    3. Walking with God by Chuck Smith
    4. Spiritual Blessings by Chuck Smith
    5. Leaders of the Church by Bob Hoekstra
    6. Leadership Issues by Bob Hoekstra
    7. Know Your Calling by Chuck Smith
    8. What Is Revival? by Chuck Smith
    9. Surviving Opposition from Within by Chuck Smith
    10. Self-Promotion in Ministry by Jon Courson
    11. Bitterness and Hatred by Skip Heitzig
    12. Abiding in Christ by Chuck Smith
    13. Jesus, Part I by Gayle Erwin
    14. Jesus, Part II by Gayle Erwin
    15. Jesus, Part III by Gayle Erwin
    16. Jesus, Part IV by Gayle Erwin
    17. The Suffering Servant by Clark Van Wick
    18. Following Good Examples by David Guzik
    19. Mary and Martha by Joe Focht
    20. Exhortation to Maturity, Part I by Pancho Juarez
    21. Exhortation to Maturity, Part II by Pancho Juarez
    22. Equipping, Edifying, Protecting by Damian Kyle
    23. The Joy of Servanthood by Damian Kyle
    24. The Supremacy of Love by Wayne Taylor
    25. Faithfulness by Damian Kyle
    26. Encouragement for the Troubled Heart by Greg Laurie
    27. An Abiding Relationship with Christ by Brian Brodersen
    28. Our Identification with Christ by Skip Heitzig
    29. What Mattered to Our Master by Jon Courson
    30. Prayer and the Word by Bob Hoekstra
    31. Keep a Pure Heart by Chuck Smith
    32. A Commitment to Holiness by Chuck Smith

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