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The Attributes of God
Series: I. Doctrine of the Faith
Course: The Attributes of God
Instructor: David Hocking
Enroll for: Grade Audit

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The Attributes of God, by Dr. David Hocking, is a sixteen-part course that examines the characteristics and nature of Almighty God, as revealed in the Scriptures. The instructor conveys the fact that knowing God is the highest pursuit of human life. There is no better source than the Bible for learning about God’s ways and this course is replete with His Word. Answers are found to questions such as: Why should we worship God? What does it mean to fear the Lord? How can we understand the Trinity? These topics and a multitude of others are thoroughly discussed in the course material. There is nothing more important than having a personal relationship with the sovereign Creator. It is our hope that these classes will promote a vital, spiritual growth and maturity in the heart of every student. This class is available through the text or the audio version, and we encourage you to enroll today.


The Attributes of God is a course of study that seeks to provide the student with scriptural insights into the nature of God. Pastor David Hocking discusses specific Hebrew and Greek words from the text of Scripture, adding comprehensive insights and offering possible personal applications.

Much of the content is gleaned from the Psalms for topics such as: God’s righteousness, His holiness, His faithfulness, His mercy, and His love. Throughout the course, one is reminded of the magnitude of God’s greatness and the impossibility of man’s attempt to know Him personally apart from His sovereign intervention. While the instructor acknowledges our human limitations to fully understand the greatness of God, he also places a serious emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit to reveal and exalt the glory of God to His children.

The course material conveys that Christians are kept by the power of God and His providential care of all things. It examines how the fear of God is tantamount to hatred of sin, and that it essentially draws the line between believers and the unredeemed. There is also discussion regarding how a culture, dominated with self-indulgent pleasures and personal rights, can learn the worship of God. And Hocking points out that it is the patience of God that calms His righteous anger and makes forgiveness possible. These are just a few of the many topics covered in the sessions on The Attributes of God.

    1. The Greatness of God
    2. The Sovereignty of God
    3. The Power of God
    4. The Fear of God
    5. The Praise of God
    6. The Holiness of God
    7. The Worship of God
    8. Hallelujah to Our God
    9. The Incarnation of God
    10. The Trinity of God
    11. The Righteousness of God
    12. The Faithfulness of God
    13. The Mercy of God
    14. The Patience of God
    15. The Love of God
    16. The Glory of God

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