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The Blue Letter Bible Institute library consists of the complete text (and some audio) for all courses offered. All course text is available in Adobe PDF format while audio files will be made available in MP3 format .

Course Media
Click on the Course Title below to see the available media pertaining to it.

I. Doctrine of the Faith

God's Sufficiency for Godly Living — by Bob Hoekstra

Growing in the Grace of God — by Bob Hoekstra

History and Authenticity of the Bible — by David Hocking

The Attributes of God — by David Hocking

The Doctrine of Christ (Christology) — by David Hocking

The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology) — by David Hocking

The History of Redemption — by Dave Shirley

The Person and Gifts of the Holy Spirit — by Chuck Smith

II. Exposition of the Scriptures

Matthew — by Don Stewart

III. Christian Life and Practice

Counseling God's Way — by Bob Hoekstra

Servant Leadership — by Chuck Smith

V. Apologetics and Cults

Biblical Worldview I; Only Two Religions? — by Peter Jones

Biblical Worldview II; Seeing a World of Difference — by Peter Jones

Searching for the Truth on Origins — by Roger Oakland

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